The landmark


Source: Sveriges Arkitekter

5 – 10 – 2020 

Sweden’s Architects’ prize for best landscape architecture is awarded to a landscape architecture object of high architectural quality in terms of design, realization and execution. The jury is appointed by the Swedish Academy of Architects for landscape architecture.

The winner of the Landmark 2021 was Stora torg in Eslöv in Skåne by Sydväst architecture and landscape. The jury’s reasoning was as follows: A beautiful combination of park elements, space for jogging and the commerce that is the square’s signature supports the vision of the heart of the small town. The winner shows what political will in combination with an inspiring, site-appropriate architecture can achieve. It also highlights what the public space can give the residents in return, in the form of experiences and pride, when parking lots and lanes are allowed to give way to everyday life and events.

The jury this year includes:

Jeanette Nilsson, landscape architect LAR/MSA, Afry (chairman).

Martin Arfalk, landscape architect LAR/MSA, Mandaworks.

Ann-Sofi Noring, board member CIMAM/member Royal Academy of Arts.

Emily Wade, landscape architect LAR/MSA, Landskapslaget/adjunct professor SLU.

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